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All our Nikkah Certificates are designed to be signed alongside your legal paperwork to make
your Nikkah signing moment extra special and create a keepsake for a lifetime!

The History of the Nikahnama Tradition

Nikahnamas have been a tradition for centuries before photographs were a thing and were traditionally used as an Islamic marriage document and kept as a memory from the wedding. We have decided to bring back this tradition with a modern twist and create Nikahnamas that you can sign alongside the legal marriage documents and keep as a memory for a lifetime. Not only will you have a piece of Islamic inspired art to sign on your Nikkah to create the most amazing photographs but you will also have a keepsake for life.

If you’re already married, our Nikahnamas’s are absolutely perfect as an anniversary gift for your spouse and in some cases we can even transfer signatures over from your original Nikkah documents!

Signature Areas

On our Nikkah Certificates you have the option of which signature areas you would like. The options are listed below.

1.Groom, Bride, Witnesses, Wali, Officiant
2.Groom and Bride only
3.Groom, Bride, Witnesses and Wali
4.Groom, Bride, Officiant, Wali

5.Groom, Bride, Witnesses and Officiant
6.Groom, Bride and Wali
7.Groom, Bride and Officiant

Some of the terms above are explained below:

Wali: A Wali is defined as a protector and guardian. This is usually the father, however in the cases where the father is not present this may be the grandfather, brother, uncles as long as the bride gives permission.

Officiant:  A marriage officiant is a person who officiates at a wedding ceremony. For example, in a Muslim wedding ceremony this is the Imam.

Witnesses: In the Sunni School of Muslim law there must be 2 male adult sane witnesses.
They must be Muslim and they do not have to be related to the couple in any way they can be complete strangers. The guardian cannot form one of the witnesses.

Caring for your Nikahnama

As soon as you receive your Nikkahnama, after taking a look at it and ensuring it has arrived in perfect condition, we recommend storing it in it’s original packaging in a safe place where it is away from any possibility of being damaged, torned or stained.

On the day of your Nikkah ensure the Nikahnama is transported safely. Ensure you have a pen that is in full working order.

After signing, please ensure the ink has fully tried to avoid any smudging.

After the Nikahnama signing and photographs we recommend framing it straight away to avoid any damages and displaying it at your Nikkah for your guests to be able to see.

Sizing & Material

Our Nikkah certificates are available in a variety of sizes including A4, A3 and a long form size. Please check individual listings to find out what sizes are avaialble in your chosen design.

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Text on the Nikahnama

We have 2 templates of text available for your Nikahnama the image to the side shows template 1. If you have a specific preference for your Nikahnama please state this in the additional info section when placing an order. If you would like completely customized text then please also state this when placing an order!

Text Template 2

To the side is our longer form text template. If you would like this on your nikahnama please state in the additional info section when placing an order. If you would like completely original text of your choice we can also accomadate this for you.


One commonly asked question about the Nikahnamas is "can you change the font of the names". Yes absolutely if you would like a differetn font to the one shown on the images we can definitely accomodate this for you. Please get in touch with us prior to placing an order and we will send you some different font options to choose from completely free of charge!

Pen Recommendations

We do not sell Nikkah pens, however we have attatched some of our Amazon recommendations below. Simply click on the image to take you to Amazon for these beautiful affordable pens.

Please ensure you have a pen that is in full working order ready for the day and practice your signatures with it beforehand. If possible we recommend having a spare to hand too.

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Frame Recommendations

Here are some of our Amazon frame recommendations below. Please ensure you check the size of your Nikahnama before ordering a frame.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Nikkah certificate info page